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Product designer who builds digital bridges from vision to memorable user experiences.
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User Experience Designer @ SAP AppHaus
Palo Alto, CA
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Lead UX Designer, Workshop Facilitator
Enhancing Time Management through GenAI for SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud Customers
Technical Blog
We developed Task Tracker in collaboration with three SAP customers, incorporating GenAI capabilities. This tool allows business consultants to input tasks into their calendars using natural language, streamlining the time-recording process and eliminating end-of-month calendar reviews. Additionally, we designed Task Tracker to be adaptable across various SAP customer scenarios.
Lead UX Designer
Streamlining Pif Paf's field technician's day-to-day tasks with a shift to a digital workflow
Success Story
Technicians at Pif Paf monitor animal health across numerous ranches and farms, previously using paper forms for recording on-site visits. This manual process led to delays, human errors, and potential data loss. To address these issues, we designed a digital solution that streamlines data entry, minimizes manual tasks, and enhances data accuracy and accessibility.
UX/UI Designer
NHL Venue Matrix Tool for Sustainability Reporting and Monitoring
Forbes Article
To support the NHL's commitment to environmental sustainability, our team designed and co-developed a data dashboard on SAP Analytics Cloud that empowers sustainable decision-making through enhanced data insights.