Yining Liu
[/ˈiːnɪŋ ˈljuː/
User Experience Designer
@ SAP AppHaus
Palo Alto, CA
About Me
My name is Yining, and I'm from Shandong, China (the “belly” part of the chicken on the map, in case you're wondering).
I began my journey as a designer in college, majoring in Industrial Design. I developed a strong interest in the design process and believed in its power to solve critical, systematic problems for users, businesses, and companies. This passion led me to further explore the field in graduate school, where I focused on creating digital solutions using a user-centered process and a holistic vision.
Currently, I work as a User Experience Designer at the SAP AppHaus. My typical day involves working on cool customer projects from start to finish, following a human-centered approach. I create design prototypes using the SAP Fiori design system, collaborate with cross-functional teams to ship proof-of-concepts, and develop branding materials to introduce our team to a wider audience. I take pride in the design approach our team follows and advocates for, and I enjoy the challenges that come with tackling a variety of tasks.
As a designer, my next goal is to gain more hands-on Product Design experience, focusing on delivering exciting and delightful features for users and contributing to a company's product vision. I am excited about the opportunity to connect with you regarding future possibilities!

Fav City
2023 Resolution
Move to Seattle
Avoid making assumptions before researching the problem space.
Stay humble and listen to the users.
Keep the real-world scenario in mind when designing digital solutions.
Break down complex systems into intuitive journeys and stakeholders.
Look for the most straightforward solutions.
Reduce the barrier of communication leveraging design tools and methods.
Approach designs as a part of users’ holistic journey.
Levitating company’s identity through good user experience.
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